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E Parker Bail Bonds is a family-owned business serving Tallahassee, Leon County and surrounding counties since 1989.

For 25 years, E Parker Bail Bonds have offered the most convenient, private and professional service in our area. Our fast, friendly and expedited Tallahassee bail process provides you with the services you need to secure the fastest release of your friends or loved ones.

E Parker Bail Bonds were founded on the principles of patience, understanding and a belief in helping all people. We understand that, in life, bad things happen to good people and those people need help to get them through their difficult times.

Over our 25 years of service, E Parker Bail Bonds have helped thousands of clients get through their tough times and back on their feet. We have a reputation for first-class service and fast response. Our bail bond agents cater to individuals who appreciate the importance of experience, professionalism and confidentiality.

To this day we stay committed to our original principles.

We value your business and understand at times like these you need more than just a service you need help.

So, whether this is your first time or the last time, E Parker Bail Bonds is here to help you!

10 Minute Bails

Name, Date of Birth & Location of defendant!
We’ll do the rest!

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