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Contactless Bonding is Available!

Under these trying and difficult times E Parker Bail Bonds is committed to continuing to provide the high level of service you expect from us, while keeping your health, safety and well-being in mind.

In most cases, to accomplish this goal, we offer contactless bond execution to assist with getting your loved one out of jail.

All documents, paperwork and payment(s) necessary to post your bond can be sent and executed electronically. You never have to leave the safety of your home and come out into public and come into contact with anyone. Yet, you can still get your bond done.

Please know, if you are required to come into the office, we spray and clean our office daily between each office visit for your safety and ours.

So, if you want to get your loved one out of jail quickly and safely, Call E Parker Bail Bonds!"

10 minute bail bond

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee All bonds are posted within 10 minutes of full payment and

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Bail Bond Arrest Relase Process

Arrest Process

Once you realize that a friend or loved one will need the services of E

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Bail Now Pay Later

Payment Options

How To Pay For Your Bail Bond? Besides cash, E Parker Bail Bonds accepts all

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Bail Service 27/7/365

Bail Bond Plans & Services

Complimentary Consultations We offer assistance to anyone who needs our

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Eric Parker Bail Bonds Check My Bail App 

With our new app you can check court dates, payments due, check-ins and directions to court. It keeps you totally connected to our agency and on top your cases with us!

Eric Parker Bail Bonds Automated Court Notification 

Never miss a court date again with our automated court notices sent via text, email and call. All of our clients are automatically entered in our database and set up to receive notifications of each court date. Notices are sent out one-week prior and a day before each court date.

Eric Parker Bail Bonds DUI’s and Smaller Bonds 

We handle DUI’s, FTA’s, VOP’s, Drug charges and Theft offenses with smaller bonds with the same care and attention to detail as we do with our larger bonds. Regardless of the charge we can get it done for you.

Eric Parker Bail Bonds Student Bonds Specialists 

We are experts in dealing with the challenges students may face in getting their Tallahassee bail bonds done. It doesn’t matter if you are from out of town or have limited resources, we can still get your friend(s) out of jail fast.

Eric Parker Bail Bonds Bail by Phone – Mobile Bail 

If you are out of town or not able to meet in our Tallahassee bail bond offices, our bail bond agents can get your bond executed by phone or we can simply come to you with our mobile bail service. Certain restrictions apply.

Eric Parker Bail Bonds Warrants Checks 

We are available to do full warrant checks. If you have been notified that you have an outstanding warrant, we can verify that information and then make arrangements for you to peaceably turn yourself in and then immediately bond out. Make sure you come to us before they come to you!

Eric Parker Bail Bonds Full Service Agency 

EPBB is a full service agency, that provides all the service, contacts and support you’ll need to deal with your pending legal process. Unlike most agencies, we do more than just get you out, we are there to get you though. Even though our Tallahassee bail bond office is located in Leon County, we are readily available to issue bonds in 10 surrounding counties.

Eric Parker Bail Bonds Servicing 11 Area Counties 

We personally service Leon County and 10 surrounding counties, meaning you only deal with us and avoid any additional fees or charges to get your bond done. Have you seen our recent ads for Tally Bail, Tally Bail Bonds, or If so, let us know what you think.

Eric Parker Bail Bonds Complimentary Consultations 

We will consult and assist you with any bonding matter at no charge to you. We will get and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on the release of the defendant whether you use our services or not.

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