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Complimentary Consultations
We offer assistance to anyone who needs our help, whether they use our service or not.  If you need help or guidance with your situation, feel free to give us a call.  We’ll help you with no strings attached.

Mobile Bail Service
If you can’t come to us, we will come to you. Our online web-based system allows us to get bonds executed anywhere. So, you tell us where and we’ll be there!

Payment options
Besides cash, E Parker Bail Bonds accepts all major credit cards (Master Card, Visa and Discover) as well as PayPal, Western Union and MoneyGram.  In certain circumstances, we can even accept checks.  Certain restrictions and requirements may apply.

Payday Plan
Arrangements can be made to execute your bond and pay us on your upcoming payday.  Proof of employment and certain other restrictions and requirements apply.

Payment Plans
E Parker Bail Bonds accepts cash and all major credit cards. Personal checks are accepted on a per case basis. All payments are due in full unless prior arrangements have been made.

Business/Employee Plan
If you are a business owner and have an employee arrested, we can take care of getting them out of jail and back to work (as quickly as possible) without you leaving your office or job site. We can even arrange with you to have his bond premium deducted from his check.

Bail by Phone
If you are out of town or not able to meet in person, we can get your bond executed by phone.  Certain restrictions and requirements apply.

We serve 11 Counties
E Parker Bail Bonds Serves Leon County (Tallahassee) and ten surrounding counties:

  • Gadsden County (Quincy)
  • Wakulla County (Crawfordville)
  • Jefferson County (Monticello)
  • Liberty County (Bristol)
  • Calhoun County (Blountstown)
  • Franklin County (Apalachicola)
  • Jackson County (Marianna)
  • Madison County (Madison)
  • Taylor County (Perry)
  • Gulf County (Port St. Joe)

Automated Court Notifications
All court notifications are entered into our client database and are automatically sent to the defendant and indemnitor days prior to the actual court date. Notifications are sent by call, text or email.

24/7/365 Service
We have agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.   When you call you will get a person and not an answering service.

3 Way Jail Conference Calls
We can facilitate 3-way calls between you and the defendant in jail and give you the ability to speak with them prior to their release.  Thereby, putting your cares to rest and make proper plans for their release.  Certain restrictions and requirements apply.

Warrant Checks
If you believe or know you have an outstanding warrant we can check the system to verify its status.  If you do have an active pending warrant, we have an expedited process for getting your paperwork processed to get you in and out as quickly as possible.  E Parker Bail Bonds will walk you through the process from start until finish.

We accept collect calls
If you or someone you know has been arrested, feel free to give us a call from the jail collect (at no expense to you).  We can then help you best figure out your best options for the release.

10-Minute Service Guarantee
All bonds are posted within 10 minutes of full payment and completion of all paperwork.  Certain restrictions may apply.

10 Minute Bails

Name, Date of Birth & Location of defendant!
We’ll do the rest!

(850) 222-1133

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