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Once you realize that a friend or loved one will need the services of E Parker Bail Bonds in the Tallahassee area, here’s the process you want to follow:

Legal name
Date of birth
Location of the person arrested (what jail are they in)

Immediately call E Parker Bail Bonds and provide the above information.  The agent will determine where the defendant is in the process.  This is key because he or she may not be ready or able to post the bond at that point.  At this point, there is no need to go to jail.  Our agent will inform you where the defendant is in the booking process and whether we are ready to proceed.  Once the defendant is ready to post bond we will notify you.

Our best advice for you is to stay home, stay calm and stay by the phone to receive calls from your E Parker agent.  During this waiting period, our agent may direct you to the forms section on our site to fill out necessary documents to speed up the process.   At this point, you will also need to determine and gather your method of payment.  If any collateral is required your agent will notify you and you will want to collect that during this time as well.  Please review the other sections of this site for more information on these topics.

Things to bring:
Valid State ID
Any necessary documents

After the defendant has been booked in the process, your E Parker Bail Bonds’ agent will contact you to make arrangements to meet at our office, jail facility or neutral site as the case may be.  He will notify you of the items you will need to bring with you.  Within 30 minutes, you will meet with your agent; get all forms completed and move on to getting the bond(s) posted.

The final step will then be to proceed to the facility (unless otherwise specified) to post the bond(s) to thereby get the defendant released as soon as possible.

The period of time for release is totally dependent on the jail facility the defendant is being released.  E Parker Bail Bonds have no control over any facilities release process.  Please generally allow 1-2 hours for this part of the process.

Once released, the agent will need to meet with the defendant to complete the paperwork.  This can be done during normal office hours or through an appointment for after-hours or at a neutral site.

Afterwards, you are free to go about your daily business and contact your attorney of choice.

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