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This explains the process for when a warrant is issued for the arrest of a person:

Contact E Parker Bail Bonds with your name and date of birth of the defendant and the place where the warrant was issued.
The E Parker Bail Bonds agent will check the criminal justice information system to verify there is an outstanding warrant issued for the defendants arrest.
Once we have determined the status of the warrant, we will let you know.

If there is an active warrant:

Our agent will notify you what will be required of you to turn yourself in to the authorities and then be released back out.  Most people will need their driver’s license, method of payment, and collateral (if necessary).
Our agent will then meet with you at our office, jail facility or neutral site at your convenience.  We will complete all paperwork and proceed to the jail (if applicable).
At the facility, our agent will walk with you to turn yourself in to the authorities to be processed.
Afterwards, you will be released to get back to your daily life and work with your attorney to defend yourself.

10 Minute Bails

Name, Date of Birth & Location of defendant!
We’ll do the rest!

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