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This process may vary depending on the arresting agency.  However, once the arresting authority or agency has arrested the defendant, the following generally occurs:

The defendant is transported to a holding cell in the closest county jail facility.  Some agencies, i.e. TPD, FSU PD, will take the defendant to their holding facility to do their arrest paperwork, before transporting the defendant to the county jail.  This is important!  No defendant can be bonded out until they get through this step and on to the county jail.

Once the defendant arrives at the count jail, they must be processed into the system.  This process includes, but not limited to the following:

Charges put into the system (from the arrest paperwork)
Bonds* are placed on charges
Fingerprinting of the defendant
Picture of the defendant
Background Check for other charges and criminal history of the defendant

After these things are done and bonds have been placed on all charges for the defendant, E Parker Bail Bonds will be able to post a bond(s) and have your friend or loved one released.  Depending on the jail facility the booking process can take up to two hours or more.

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*Important Note: NOT ALL CHARGES RECEIVE BONDS IMMEDIATELY! Some charges require the defendant to see the judge and therefore may cause the defendant to wait until the first appearance to get bonds on those charges.  The first appearance is generally held every morning around 8:30 am.  Contact your E Parker Bail Bonds agent for more information on these cases.

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